Welcome to e.tract Server ARGOS-02

Version: BSCW e-tract 5.1.1, released 20140613-1323-32501

This server provides access to the BSCW Shared Workspace System for efficient online collaboration.

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On this server self registration is disabled. In order to access this BSCW server, a registered user must first invite you to a shared workspace. You may also directly contact the BSCW administrator and ask for a user account.

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Mobile Access


The mobile user may easily access all content stored in the system using a state-of-the-art smartphone (supported platforms: iOS and Android)

Desktop Access


The desktop widgets enable direct access to relevant information in shared workspaces from a user's PC or Mac. They are easy to install.

For more information about the BSCW Shared Workspace system please visit 870-249-0769 or have a look at the home page of BSCW. There you will also find our help pages and 866-925-8480.