Welcome to Nexus
Nexus is the leader in musculoskeletal health management for patients with low back pain, tendonitis, joint pain and hundreds of other painful musculoskeletal conditions. Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid health plans, employers and other payers contract with Nexus for specialized UM, care management & DM of musculoskeletal patients for increased quality of care and medical savings.

Nexus offers highly specialized, evidence-based medical necessity criteria that reflect an intersection of agreement across the nation’s leading musculoskeletal health management authorities, organizations (e.g., ACOEM, ASIPP, AAPMR, CMS), guidelines/resources (e.g., Cochrane Reviews, ODG), and providers.

Nexus’ team of highly experienced and specialty trained Peer Review Physicians use these specialized criteria to conduct pre-authorization and post-service (retrospective) authorization reviews. Nexus' peer consulting physicians are available to speak directly with treating physicians who request a dialogue, reconsideration or appeal.

Nexus continually enhances our service offerings to exceed the evolving expectations of payers for improvements to musculoskeletal management, physician consensus, and increased medical savings, while advancing the standard of care for patients with painful musculoskeletal conditions. To learn more about Nexus’ specialized programs, we welcome you to tour our website, and invite you to contact our National Service Center at   to learn more about the ways in which our seasoned team of professionals can improve your clinical and financial outcomes to care.

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