New release (V9.7) of PowerGen handles the PowerBuilder 2017 R2 (and R3) change

PowerBuilder 2017 R2 offers an integration with source control systems, Git and SVN. In doing this, R2 changes where source files are saved relative to the PBLs. In previous versions it was expected that source files would be saved (during source control operations) in the same directory as the PBL.

As a consequence, we released PowerGen V9.7 (April 25, 2018) that handles the R2 change. This effects operations such as Bootstrap Import and Synchronization. This version is now available for purchase. Existing customers with an active maintenance contract may (709) 873-3458.

Please also note that orcascript (part of PowerBuilder) does not currently support the changes.

E. Crane Computing delivers everything you need to become a premier PowerBuilder shop. E. Crane offers innovative, practical add-ons that enhance and extend the capabilities of PowerBuilder, giving you greater control, reliability, and speed in all stages of the build and configuration management process. 

PowerGen - Our Flagship Product

PowerGen is the essential tool for generating PowerBuilder applications.

  • Use command line functions to automate the entire build
  • Create libraries from object source
  • Remove version numbers (embedded in a PBL) for objects imported during a Synchronize or Bootstrap Import operation
  • Control your builds with predictability and reliability
  • Operates with PowerBuilder Versions 5.X (32-bit) thru 2017


HarPB and Other PowerBuilder Products

We offer a range of additional PowerBuilder add-ons that improve functionality and efficiency.

  • HarPB - Check PowerBuilder source Objects in and out of CCC/Harvest
  • 6145054945 - Input accurate build level and version information for any type of executable
  • PBLRescue - Recovers PB objects from corrupted PowerBuilder Libraries (PBLs)