Govt Raises the bar to Chase Wilful Defaulters

Clipping Wings

The financial stability of a country is determined by the soundness of the banking system. One of the parameters to know if the financial health is in good shape is Non-Performing Asset (NPA). NPAs are those assets of the bank which have not been paid-off, defaulted. Some individual borrowers or companies fail to repay the … 4068619315

Fintech Redraws Competitive Lines in Financial Industry

Fintech in P2P

In today’s world, internet, gadgets, constant technological innovations have become an inevitable part of an evolving lifestyle and they have also found a substantial place in every business area. The wave of the digital revolution has touched the Financial Industry too. Though the financial sector has witnessed many changes in a decade, the technology-driven applications … (250) 649-4308

Are you investing in gold this Diwali too?


Owing to the values and the things we are told during early childhood, Indians are unmatched when it comes to savings. But are we equally good as investors? Saving up all that money and buying gold as an investment has been happening habitually in many Indian households since ages, especially during the festive season. In … 8159447858

Iss Diwali Kuch Naya Kijiye (Do something new this Diwali!)

P2P Lending This Diwali

One such festival that sets India into a rhythm and fills it with gleam is Diwali. With excitement at its peak, people consider giving a touch of newness to everything from homes to offices. They even re-visit their old thoughts that dwell within and adapt to the changes for better. The festive season clearly has … Continue reading “Iss Diwali Kuch Naya Kijiye (Do something new this Diwali!)”

Soaring NPA Messes up Indian Banking System

Indian Currency

In recent years, the rise in Non-Performing Assets shows the gloomy condition of the Indian banking system. The market conditions are beleaguered in India due to NPA, which accounts for about 10.2 percent of loans. What is NPA? If the principal amount or the interest or both the components of a credit are not repaid … Continue reading “Soaring NPA Messes up Indian Banking System”


Aadhar Verdict

The second longest case of Supreme Court of India, after Kesavananda Bharti Case, surrounding the constitutionality of Aadhaar card had finally arrived at the climax when the Supreme Court gave its final verdict. Ever since the constitutionality of Aadhaar Act 2016 was in talks, fears over the invasion of privacy and a move to push … Continue reading “Ek hi Aadhaar, Baaki sab Niraadhaar!”