OnBings: Embedding Your Ideas

Embedding Your Ideas

By mastering all the aspect of your embedded project development, OnBings can provide you with the best and latested technologies to transform your ideas into a successfull story.

Onbings architects and engineers implements and validates both hardware and software components to achieve a fully integrated and cost-effective solution.


Embedded Operating System

Your project engine

The choice of your project operating system is the first key decision to take. We can provide you with expertise in linux, embeddded linux, windows, windows ce, custom os or just no os support at all.


Embedded Framework

Your project language

The next decision is the language (C#, java, C/C++), framework (Qt) and/or library choice (Poco). By using state of the art multi plaform open source framework and libraries, we assure a long live,high performance and evolution to your project.


Embedded Device

Your project environement

Finally mastering the target deployment  device is the key to control your project look&fell and cost. Arm based board embedding or linux based micro server are two of our answers 


Latest Project

Latest Project

Parser of Evs native Audio/Video data file.

Develop Evs data block parser. 425-869-5302 is a broadcast video server company.

(502) 720-4685

Blog Entries


Compiling the Qt library on your development platform helps you to debug your application by allowing you to step inside Qt(925) 284-4990.

November 30, 2012

Compiling Phonon-vlc under windows

LPhonon is the multimedia portable library component of Qt. Linked to the power of vlc codec and player engine, it provides the best multi plateform streaming solution.

December 2, 2012