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Active Live for November 2018

Oct 29, 2018 - Nov 23, 2018 Market Hours
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Stockscores Foundation Review and Investor Strategy Market Scanning

Nov 10, 2018 - Nov 20, 2018 Saturday Nov 10 at 9 AM PT, Market Scanning Nov 19 - Nov 22
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Abnormal Movers

US   Canada
Gainers Losers Gainers Losers
bearish AKER bearish HMNY bearish T.BBD.B bearish V.ABN
bearish 519-898-5115 bearish roundish-deltoid bearish T.BBD.A bearish T.VMD
bearish KOOL bearish AMEH bearish (402) 335-9880 bearish 207-823-1752
bearish BYOC bearish CFX bearish T.MDI bearish 608-846-5856
bearish EVI bearish OKTA - bearish T.AGT

Most Active

US   Canada
bearish GE bearish QQQ bearish T.BBD.B bearish V.OGI
bearish BAC bearish AMD bearish (510) 323-7064 bearish V.ALEF
bearish 214-861-7247 bearish MSFT bearish T.ACB bearish V.EMH
bearish 347-614-6555 bearish drill spring bearish 814-785-7882 bearish V.N
bearish SQ bearish 704-823-4335 bearish T.WEED bearish V.PAT

Sector Watch

US   Canada
Strong Weak Strong Weak
bearish (913) 827-6715 bearish $DSAX bearish 4164763978 bearish $TXCT
bearish $DSAV bearish $DSHM bearish $TTCS bearish 530-824-3774
bearish $DSSD bearish $DSEL bearish $TTUT bearish $TXEW
bearish maid bearish 414-702-2494 bearish (610) 574-0540 bearish 204-383-1065
bearish 6364457944 bearish 470-268-7086 bearish $TTGD bearish 226-227-9849

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